Best Online Backup Services of Mac

You might be aware that Time Machine or any other local backup tool comes foremost whenever it is about the Mac device protection. However, Mac users should always have a path to get back their files if they mistakenly remove an important file. Issues like a natural disaster for say flood of fire can spoil everything of your system, so to be at the safe side, you should go for the online option. Here are the best online backup services for you to avail of.


Backing-up the files

  1. Firstly, create an account.
  2. Then, download the software. It will be located in the Backblaze.
  3. After that, do according to the installation points.
  4. Note that now Backblaze shall start backing up of the hard drive. The starting backup process might take a few days. The backup process depends on the uploading speed of network connectivity. For changing its speed, choose Backblaze preferences.
  5. It will be located Backblaze menu. And, then tap on Performance option.
  6. Next, clear the box immediately after Automatic Throttle. The Manual Throttle option can be set according to your preferences.

Restoring the files

  1. Firstly, press on the Backblaze menu.
  2. Then, choose the Restore Files.
  3. After that, sign-in to the Backblaze site with the help of your ID as well as password.
  4. Note that depending on the size of the restoration, users shall be able to restore in the net with the help of downloading a ‘compressed .zip file.’
  5. If the user wishes to restore a particular part of the drive, then only need to go through downwards till they get the option that they are searching for, press ‘Continue with Restore’ option.
  6. The user shall get an mail by the Backblaze when the archive is ready for the downloading process. The small size files get a quick response.


Backing-up the files

  1. Firstly, make an account.
  2. Then, the user needs to download the software. It will be located in the Carbonite. The best part is that it is available for the free cost for a total of 15 days so its users can check that without any hesitation.
  3. After that, the user needs to do according to the steps of installation.
  4. Note that the Carbonite shall by itself back up choose folders that are located on the hard drive of the user. The time taken by it depends on many factors.
  5. The best feature of Carbonite that makes it distinct from the rest is that it allows the user to get the items of theirs from all the net-connected system. Hence, the user can get their crucial files whenever they want.

Restoring the files

  1. Firstly. launch Carbonite.
  2. Then, press on the Restore Files option.
  3. Select for keeping the items or else restore the items into the folder that you like.

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